BeanHub , your smart accounting book

BeanHub , your
smart accounting book

BeanHub is a modern accounting book service based on the most popular open source version control system Git and text-based double entry accounting book software Beancount.

BeanHub is a modern accounting book service
based on the most popular open-source version control system Git and text-based double entry accounting book software Beancount.

Automates all your routines

We believe a smart accounting book should serve you and simplify your life by automating all your routines rather than you serve the accounting book with tedious, repetitive routines.

We build BeanHub with automation in mind. Keeping track of your finances is easier than ever with our automation features, such as importing transactions CSV files exported from variants of banks. Many other automation features are coming soon.

Empowers your business and yourself with financial insights

When can I reach financial freedom? Can I afford to buy a house right now? What's the major monthly cost of my business? Without accurate financial data, it's challenging to answer questions like these and make the right decision.

BeanHub provides variants of diagrams and tools for you to have an insight into your financial situation and thus empower you and your business to reach the next level of success.

Supports multi-currency, stocks trades and custom commodities

Enjoy being a digital nomad traveling around and having multiple bank accounts with different currencies? Trading stocks, digital currencies, or NFTs? What about Dogecoin? No problem! BeanHub has you covered. You can define your own commodity symbols with BeanHub and Beancount as the underlying accounting software.

For example, you can define TSLA for tracking your Tesla stock trade. You can also define BTC for your Bitcoin assets. Double-entry accounting makes transactions involving multi-currency and custom commodities easier than ever.

Keeps the history of all changes with an auditable trace

Afraid of changing the accounting book, making a mistake, and resulting in your critical financial data in a mess? No need to worry anymore! BeanHub is built on top of the most popular version control system, Git.

Every single change you make is a revision in the system and kept securely in our cloud with multiple backups. You can easily compare what's changed between two revisions and revert the unwanted changes as you like.

It also provides an auditable trace for you or a third party to check and easily see who, when and what changes are to ensure integrity.

Protects your financial data safely and securely

We store your financial data safely and securely in our cloud infrastructure.

We have a routine backup system to ensure that your critical financial data is never lost. We also adopt industry best practices to ensure your information is secure, such as data encryption and system monitoring wherever possible.

Our business model is selling Software as a Service. Therefore, we don't sell your data.

Achieves financial transparency easily

Trust is essential for a successful organization, and it's difficult to gain and easy to lose. Trust is particularly critical for the relationships between

  • Government entities & the public
  • Non-profit organizations & the donators
  • Crowdfunding fundraisers & the backers
  • Companies & the stakeholders

BeanHub made it easy to share your accounting books with anyone for review. For example, a company can share its finances with its stakeholders.

To help more organizations benefit from financial transparency, we make it free to use as long as the accounting book is public for anyone to view with the most features.

Pricing Plan

Choose the products and plans that work for you.

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  • 1 Public Repo
  • 1 Private Repo
  • 1,000 entries / Private Repo
  • Data Import
  • Custom Forms
  • API Access
  • More to come ...
Personal & Small Business
  • 1 Public Repo
  • 1 Private Repo
  • 100,000 entries / Repo
  • Data Import
  • Custom Forms
  • API Access
  • More to come ...
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  • Custom Public Repo
  • Custom Private Repo
  • Custom entries limit
  • Data Import
  • Custom Forms
  • API Access
  • Multiple Users
  • Single Sign-on
  • More to come ...


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