August 28, 2023

New API access feature for reading and writing Beancount data easily

There are countless accounting book software, most of which operate based on database queries. Unlike most accounting book software, plain-text accounting software such as Beancount operates based on text like this: 2023-08-28 * "BeanHub Pro Subscription" Expenses:Office:Supplies:SoftwareAsService 9.0 USD Assets:Bank:US:Mercury -9.0 USD Many software engineers, like myself, love using Beancount for bookkeeping because we get used to writing code and love open source. With the idea of accounting books as code, we can track the changes easily with Git.

August 11, 2023

New Access Token feature is now available

Security has always been a high-priority focus when we build BeanHub. We spent a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that BeanHub is secure. We will publish articles explaining the security measurements we adopt later, such as sandboxing. But today, we would like to introduce a new security feature of BeanHub — Access Tokens. In the past, BeanHub users could only access their BeanHub repository via HTTPS with their username and password as the credentials.

July 31, 2023

Automating Beancount data input with custom forms makes your life 10 times easier!

We are excited to announce a fantastic new feature for BeanHub, the custom forms. Like many of you, we use BeanHub to help ease the burden of maintaining our books daily. This feature will make your life 10 times easier when adding new entries. Generic entry forms In the past, we realized that adding a new transaction and other entries is the most common task we need to perform on a daily basis.