May 27, 2024

BeanHub Import - One small step closer to fully automating transaction importing

We all love plain-text accounting. It’s based on open-source tools, so you never need to worry about vendor lock-in. Beancount is among the most popular options, along with others, such as ledger or hledger. You can visit Plain Text Accounting to learn more. Unlike plain-text accounting, proprietary software users always worry about whether the company will shut down and the tool they use will no longer be supported. For example, the popular budgeting app Mint was shut down, and millions of its users were forced to migrate to Credit Karma instead.

April 23, 2024

How BeanHub works part1, contains the danger of processing Beancount data with sandbox

It has been more than two years since we launched BeanHub. Recently, we have been tirelessly releasing new features. Some of you may ask What were you busy with at the very beginning? Why wait until now to start adding new features? Well, we spent most of our time at the very beginning building the infrastructure to move faster later. We have adopted and developed many interesting technologies in-house. Sandbox is one of the technologies we explored and adopted.

March 29, 2024

Mass renaming accounts made way easier with new account features!

Have you ever made an account name in your Beancount files and regretted it, yet you found it too much effort to rename it because it’s already used everywhere in tons of transactions? While we enjoy the freedom of a plain-text-based accounting system such as Beancount gave us, it also means performing mass editing is difficult. A straightforward idea for renaming an account could be as easy as just using the search and replace, but it won’t work for renaming an account with a prefix shared with other accounts.

October 12, 2023

New open-sourced beanhub-cli tool for trying out BeanHub Forms locally

Not long ago, we announced the new BeanHub Forms feature, which allows you to define your own custom forms for making beancount data entry easier. As we use this feature daily, we soon realized that building a new custom form is not easy because you need to keep pushing new commits to BeanHub with your new form definition doc to try out the changes. It could be more efficient. We need a tool to try your form locally before pushing it to your BeanHub repository.

August 28, 2023

New API access feature for reading and writing Beancount data easily

There are countless accounting book software, most of which operate based on database queries. Unlike most accounting book software, plain-text accounting software such as Beancount operates based on text like this: 2023-08-28 * "BeanHub Pro Subscription" Expenses:Office:Supplies:SoftwareAsService 9.0 USD Assets:Bank:US:Mercury -9.0 USD Many software engineers, like myself, love using Beancount for bookkeeping because we get used to writing code and love open source. With the idea of accounting books as code, we can track the changes easily with Git.

August 11, 2023

New Access Token feature is now available

Security has always been a high-priority focus when we build BeanHub. We spent a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that BeanHub is secure. We will publish articles explaining the security measurements we adopt later, such as sandboxing. But today, we would like to introduce a new security feature of BeanHub — Access Tokens. In the past, BeanHub users could only access their BeanHub repository via HTTPS with their username and password as the credentials.

July 31, 2023

Automating Beancount data input with custom forms makes your life 10 times easier!

We are excited to announce a fantastic new feature for BeanHub, the custom forms. Like many of you, we use BeanHub to help ease the burden of maintaining our books daily. This feature will make your life 10 times easier when adding new entries. Generic entry forms In the past, we realized that adding a new transaction and other entries is the most common task we need to perform on a daily basis.